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    Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Battery

    Battery Type : Li-ion Capacity : 5200mAh Weight : 345g Voltage : 10.8 V Color : Black Size : 208.75 x 55.08 x 22.79 mm

    42T4947 Lenovo 0A36311 Lenovo 57Y6625 Lenovo 57Y6626 Lenovo L10P6F01 Lenovo L10S6F01 Lenovo L10S6Y02

  1. en used for a long period of time, perform the new Lenovo ThinkPad X230 battery break in procedure described above.
  2. Calibrate Your Lenovo ThinkPad X230 batteries

LENOVO Y580 Battery

The AsusPro is a declaration of war upon the business middle-class. Docking interface, DisplayPort, eSATA and ExpressCard accompanied by comfortable input devices. Business at its Best?Lenovo L11L6R01 The AsusPro series is a new business series. In January 2012, the 15.6-inch sister, P53E-SO102X, was introduced to the business world. The laptop offered great input devices and low emissions. However, the chunky synthetic material case made of aluminum imitate material and the consumer style interfaces were no match for the ThinkPad Edge, ProBook or Latitude competition. Lenovo L11L6Y01

Asus shows us how much they have learnt. The 14-inch B43E-VO158X only looks similar to the P53E. The aluminim surfaces, ports (docking port) and full-size docking station are all new features for low-priced business notebooks. Lenovo 11L6F01

The price is especially interesting: 600 Euros (~$762) for the B43E (our test model with an i3-2350M) and 150 Euros (~$190) for the docking station, Asus Powerstation II (for the B series). This docking station was available in our test. So the buyer can get a fully-equipped working station for 750 Euros (~$952)? There are very few other models which can match this offering. The direct competitors include: Lenovo ThinkPad L430 (i3), Fujitsu Lifebook S751 (i3) and HP ProBook 6465b (AMD A4). These models also offer a docking port for a low price.Lenovo L11M6Y01 The B43E wants to be a true work laptop. Due to this reason, the laptop unashamedly uses a plastic border with an aluminum cover and an extremely heavy base. Only the mid-range ThinkPad L430 is as thick as our test model: 35 mm. Lenovo L11S6F01Whether or not this heavy build is a flaw, is a subjective question. In any case, the sturdiness is good: the B43E does not bend when pressure is applied on the base or on the display cover. Lenovo L11N6R01

Weaknesses are in the details: the area under the DVD drive can be pushed in with a click. The right side of the keyboard can also be pushed in, above the optical drive. The brushed aluminum of the display cover and base has a conservative elegance. Unfortunately, after a short while of use, the elegance evaporates as the surface is covered by a plethora of fingerprints. The hand-rest regions are made of the same material, but are not brushed, which keeps them cleaner. Lenovo L11N6Y01

The 14-inch laptop is quite heavy: 2,464 grams plus 346 grams (power adapter). Office laptops of this size usually weigh between 2.1 - 2.3 kilograms (ThinkPad L430 - 2.25 kg, Lifebook S751 - 2.3 kg, HP ProBook 6465b - 2.35 kg). The hinges hold the display stiffly and do not let it wobble. The maximum opening angle of 130 degrees is sufficient for using the notebook on the lap. Due to the heavy chassis, the user can open the laptop with one hand. Lenovo L11P6R01

The hand-rest regions and the touchpad are hard and cool. Asus has placed the heat-emitting components near the middle and this allows the air to move around the case. The large flap on the bottom of the case hides a 2.5-inch hard drive and a 4 GB DDR3 RAM module (one slot occupied, the other is free).Lenovo L11S6Y01 Security

This is where it gets interesting: Asus has installed a TPM module (Trusted Platform Module) and a SmartCard reader (at the front, below the card reader). Amongst the direct competition, only the Lifebook S751 offers such a configuration. The ThinkPad L430 and ProBook 6465b may not offer this combination, but it can be found in the more expensive T-series ThinkPads/EliteBooks.LENOVO IdeaPad Y580 Battery

Small companies without an IT department or individual users will be more interested in the BIOS preboot password, HDD password and fingerprint reader. The Embassy Security Center allows the configuration and activation of all these features. The touchpad can be used to interact with the BIOS, and, in comparison to consumer notebooks, the BIOS is extensively configurable: every port (USB, card reader, etc.) and every device (camera, audio, network, DVD) can be explored.LENOVO IdeaPad Y580M battery

The Seagate Momentus ST9500325AS is protected against falls by its "Drop Sensor" (G-Force protection). Of course, the user should still be careful. A fall sensor usually requires a drop height of around a meter to secure the read and write heads on the hard drive. LENOVO IdeaPad Y580 battery


Asus provides a Driver/Software DVD. The user will have to create their own copy of the recovery disk for Windows 7 with AI Recovery. Asus has not pre-installed too many tools on the laptop. Secure Delete deletes files without a trace. Fast Boot allows the user to unshackle the boot process. Asus Vibe Fun Center does not fit into the overall work laptop image. This media player accesses various websites and bundles their content. The WebStorage Sync Agent seems more useful, as it allows the user to synchronize certain files online and make them available for the mobile.LENOVO IdeaPad Y580A battery


The Core i3-2350M (2.3 GHz, no Turbo Boost) is a lower middle-class processor. It is a dual-core CPU, and like the alternative, the i5-2430M (2.4 GHz), it is outdated. Both CPUs belong to Intel's 2010 Sandy Bridge generation. However, interested parties should not lose their interest due to this, as the 2011 Ivy Bridge generation offers little performance increase. In the following section, we will find out if the buyer should pick the i5 CPU or not. LENOVO IdeaPad Y580N battery

The integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 is responsible for the graphics. The 4 GB RAM is installed in a single slot, leaving the second slot free. The laptop can support up to 8 GB RAM. The notebook uses a 500 GB Western Digital HDD which runs at 5400 rpm. The core i5 configuration oddly only includes a 320 GB.LENOVO IdeaPad Y580P battery Processor

The core i5 configuration costs just 60 Euros (~$76) more. Should the buyer invest a little more money for the i5 configuration or stick with the Core i3-2350M? If it is worth paying the money for a 20% performance increase, then your answer will be yes. The following image shows the Fujitsu Lifebook E781 with its alternative processor, the Core i5-2430M. The Cinebench R11.5 benchmark (Multi CPU) measures 2.68 points. That is around 22% more than our B43E. The business competition are stronger as they use i5 (L430) and i7 (S751) CPUs. Interesting: the AMD-based HP ProBook 6465b (LY433EA) can not only keep up with the AsusPro B43E (-9%), but also offers 58% higher graphics performance. Toshiba PABAS213

The full CPU performance is available while running on battery: Cinebench R11.5 Multi and OpenGL test delivered identical results. Battery Life

The run time of three hours seems decent, in comparison to the competition, especially as the battery capacity is relatively low (48 Wh). The WLAN test (surfing on the web using an automated script) exhausts the battery reserves after 3:19 hours, and watching a DVD film will do the same in 2:51 hours. The brightness of the TFT in the WLAN test was 150 cd/m² (two levels below max). The idle run time is 1:30 hours more than the WLAN test. Depending on the activity and settings, the power-saving user should be able to get some more life out of a single battery charge. However, this should not add more than 30 minutes in practical use.Toshiba PA3757U-1BRS Battery

The competition delivers similar or better results in the WLAN test: Lenovo ThinkPad L430 (57 Wh, 210 Min.), Fujitsu Lifebook S751 (67 Wh, 190 Min.) and HP ProBook 6465b (55 Wh, 335 Min.). The ProBook truly benefits from its conservative AMD A6 APU in this test (Idle 8-14 W, entire system). The longest run time achieved by a 14-inch business laptop was set recently by the Panasonic Toughbook CF (69 Wh, 387 Min.) It offers 6:27 hours in a semi-rugged laptop which costs 2500 Euros (~$3177).

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DEWALT DC540K Battery

This Battery can replace the following models

This Battery can replace the following part numbers


The Samsung Series 9 is one of the most amazing laptops that we have tested recently. It has everything to be called an ultrabook, yet it has been branded as a notebook by Samsung. Nevertheless, the blazing performance, the ultra slim form factor and the exquisite build quality are truly awesome. It costs a lot of money, but then again, this is the best option for a Windows ultrabook which actually competes with and beats the MacBook Air, overall. Add up your savings, or beg, borrow and steal to get this one!LENOVO IdeaPad Y580N Battery Very rarely do we get a laptop that is completely unique and leaves us awe-struck. Quite frankly, we cannot remember when it last happened, till we got my hands on the Samsung Series 9 laptop. Samsung insist on calling this a laptop, but this machine surely matches all the criteria you need for an ultrabook. And then some!

Build & Design

Ultrabooks are meant to be slim and sleek, as much as possible, keeping the dimensions in check and the weight down. There are a lot of devices running around that aren’t the slimmest by any means, but do get classified as ultrabooks. The Samsung Series 9 deserves that tag more than anything.LENOVO IdeaPad Y580M Battery

Straight out of its very premium packaging, and you literally have to rub your eyes to be doubly sure of what you are seeing. The Samsung Series 9 is slimmer than even the MacBook Air! The Series 9, at its thickest point is 12.9mm thick, while the MacBook Air tips 17.2mm at its thickest point. That didn’t stop Samsung from fitting in 2 USB ports, mini HDMI out, the 3.5mm jack and a memory card reader. You get adapter options for LAN and VGA out, with the LAN adapter a part of the package. Even the power adapter is a thing of brilliance, with its compact design small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.LENOVO IdeaPad Y580A Battery The Series 9 has corresponding chunky portions on the sides close to the display hinge side, and that is where the ports are fit in. From there, a flowing design seamlessly slims down the machine without any fuss. The curves carry on where the lid meets the hinge, and is very much appreciated when the Series 9 is placed on a table with the lid closed.

The Samsung Series 9’s 100% aluminum chassis mostly consists of Duralumin. This is used to create what the company calls a “slim and aerodynamic design”, and is usually used in aircrafts. The result is a solidly built laptop that is very light to pick up and move around.LENOVO IdeaPad Y580 Battery

The Series 9’s brilliance doesn’t end there. The mineral ash black colour is rather rare. Materials used are premium, and critically, the display hinge tautness is among the best, if not the very best. The overall design has a dollop of sharpness about it, something that gives the aura that this is an attentive ultrabook. Open it up and you will notice the slim bezel. The keyboard layout has not been compromised in any way, and as if to give out a lesson to other ultrabook manufacturers, Samsung’s keyboard responds with the same brilliance as the one on the MacBook Air. For others who claim that key travel and response is slightly impacted by the slim form factor, this ultrabook rubbishes that theory. It is the best built ultrabook by far, and priced appropriately. Features & Specifications

No shortage of power on the Series 9. This is powered by an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3517U processor and paired with 4GB of RAM. This processor clocks at 1.9GHz and Turbo Boost takes it up to 2.4GHz.

All the scores are mentioned here to give you an idea of how good the performance of this machine is. In any usage scenario, the Series 9 will not struggle or get bogged down, no matter what you load it with. The overall snappiness of the system is seriously boosted by the excellent drive performance. We used this machine quite a bit, and this one fit almost all usage scenarios perfectly – home and office work, multimedia viewing and the road warrior.LENOVO IdeaPad Y570P Battery

The battery life offered by the Series 9 is a delight. Quite frankly, we were surprised to see this clock 246 minutes in the stressful battery test. But the surprise element was that this is by far the best battery backup time clocked by any ultrabook, including the less powerful Core i3 and Core i5-bearing machines! In a typical day at work, this should give you around 6.5-7 hours of battery backup. For your data storage, the Series 9 comes with a 256GB SSD. This drive is one of the fastest ones around, something that we will explain in greater detail in the performance section. The Series 9’s 13.3-inch display has a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels, which is much higher than the fairly common 1366 x 768 pixels. This difference shows up clearly, with absolutely amazing clarity of text. Readability on this screen is by far the best among all ultrabooks we have tested, helped immensely by the sharpness and the largely non-reflective nature of the display. Black level depth and white saturation levels are slightly on the lower side, but the display does very well in the pixel stability tests.

Graphics capabilities are rather toned down on this package, particularly because the idea was to make this the slimmest ultrabook in the market. The integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics will offer the barebones basic, but then again, no one is buying the Series 9 for gaming surely. Admittedly, there will be some who will argue that for so much, you should be able to get an all-rounder laptop, but that would just be nitpicking!LENOVO IdeaPad Y570NT Battery

Bottom Line

As we said earlier, not many laptops and ultrabooks make us jump out of our seats. But the Series 9 seems to have done that quite successfully, doing everything right. Right out of the box, the exquisite build quality justifies the money you have just spent. Switch it on and the performance is a delight. Battery life ensures you can almost last one full day of usage at work without reaching for the sleek power adapter. All in all, the Series 9 does it all. You can flaunt your bank account’s strength without compromising on functionality and performance. This is the closest a Windows machine has come to a MacBook Air overall, and that is a compliment in itself.

Lenovo u410 Battery


The HP Envy Spectre XT (13-2050 nr) is a solid ultrabook with a stylish design, but its appeal is marred by a so-so clickpad and display.

If the HP Envy 14 Spectre showcased glass (with its Gorilla Glass covered screen, lid, and palmrest) then the new HP Envy Spectre XT (13-2050 nr) is all about metal. While it's easy to call every silver-hued ultrabook an Apple clone, the HP Envy Spectre XT distinguishes itself from the pack with solid performance, sweet-sounding Beats Audio, and a look and feel that is nothing like a MacBook.Lenovo u410 Battery


The slim Spectre XT looks like it was sliced whole from a larger slab of aluminum, with a rough-hewn brushed surface and beveled edges that glint in the light. It looks nice, but it's also luxurious to hold, feeling sturdy and substantial in spite of its thin profile and three-pound weight. Measuring 0.69 by 12.44 by 8.8 inches (HWD), this sturdiness stems from all metal construction, with a magnesium-alloy frame adding rigidity without weight, and a soft touch coating on the underside, so it's comfortable to hold or place on your lap.LENOVO IdeaPad U310 Battery

The chiclet keyboard is well made, with HP's usual layout with half-size up and down keys. Though the slim dimensions of an ultrabook don't provide much room for key travel, HP's keyboards still offer a comfortable typing feel. And you'll be able to use the Spectre XT in a variety of lighting conditions as well, thanks to the backlit keyboard. The touchpad offers gesture support, but the clickpad had some issues with both accuracy and responsiveness. Hopefully, HP can plug this hole with a driver update.LENOVO IdeaPad U300s Battery The audio on the Spectre XT is also very good, thanks to four speakers (two upward firing, two downward firing) with Beats Audio. Less impressive is the 13.3-inch display with only 1,366-by-768 resolution and fairly poor viewing angles. The display is similar to those seen on other systems, but we had hoped for something in line with the 1,600-by-900 display.


The Spectre XT is outfitted with both USB 2.0 (with power) and the faster USB 3.0, as well as an SD card reader, a combined headphone and microphone jack, and a Kensington lock slot for physically securing the laptop. While some ultrabooks use adapter dongles to provide an Ethernet port or ditch the LAN connection entirely, HP includes a compact LAN connection, which opens up to accept a plug, but closes when not in use to maintain the sleek lines and slim profile demanded of an ultrabook. An HDMI output makes it easy to connect to an HDTV, but you can also go wireless with Intel's wireless display technology (WiDi), which lets you stream HD content wirelessly through a WiDi adapter, like the Netgear Push2TV. Other wireless connections include Bluetooth 4.0 and dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11n Wi-Fi.

The Spectre XT also comes equipped with a 128GB solid-state drive (SSD)—the same capacity as those found in the Toshiba Portege Z935-P300 and the HP Folio 13-1020us. It provides the speed necessary for Intel's RapidStart. The only trade off made by using an SSD instead of a regular spinning hard drive is the loss of capacity—most ultrabook hard drives offer 500GB of storage space (via a traditional spinning drive), as seen in the Lenovo IdeaPad U310.

On the drive are several preinstalled programs, including Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and a two-year subscription of Norton Internet Security 2012, much longer than the usual 30- or 60-day trial subscriptions. Also on the drive can be found Evernote, a collection of game samples from WildTangent, a Bing toolbar, and Windows Live. HP covers the Spectre XT with a one-year warranty, along with toll-free tech support via phone.


The Spectre XT is equipped with a third-generation 1.7GHz Intel Core i5-3317U processor, the same ultra-low-voltage processor found in the Lenovo IdeaPad U310 and the Editors' Choice Z935. When tested with Cinebench R11.5, the Spectre XT scored 2.41 points, leading all competitors (though only by a fraction of a point). Paired with 4GB of RAM and benefiting from the improved speed and performance of an SSD, the Spectre XT makes the most of this processor. In our PCMark 7 productivity benchmark test, the Spectre XT scored 5,425 points, ahead of the Lenovo U310 (3,570 points) and alongside the Editors' Choice Toshiba Z935-P300 (5,477 points)Lenovo IdeaPad U260 Battery While the Spectre XT's Ivy Bridge processor might offer better graphics performance than the 2nd-Gen processors found in the HP Folio 13, it's still not quite enough to offer gaming capability. Even with the resolution dialed down to 1,024-by-768 and anti-aliasing turned off, the Spectre XT only produced 21 frames per second in Crysis and 20 fps in Lost Planet 2, both unplayable scores. It is, however, enough graphics horsepower for on the go photo editing and video conversion, as evidenced by our Handbrake and Photoshop tests, which it completed in 1 minute 57 seconds and 4:34, respectively.

When tested with MobileMark 2007, the Spectre XT's 45Wh battery lasted 7 hours 32 minutes. While not the longest of the bunch—that honor goes to the HP Folio 13-1020us (8:47)—it's still long enough to take you through a full workday or cross-country flight without ever needing to be plugged in.LENOVO IdeaPad Y580P Battery

The Spectre XT may not be the very best ultrabook we've reviewed, but it's one of the better systems, especially among ultrabooks selling for under $1,000. Performance gets a boost from a zippy solid-state drive, while battery life and display are only so-so. The Toshiba Portege Z935-P300 remains our Editors' Choice, offering a similar combination of features and performance for less, but the Spectre XT will likely win some hearts with its handsome design and solid performance.

GATEWAY AS09A61 Battery

The Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 is one of the most powerful laptops to have arrived for testing, in the recent months. This is completely updated with the Ivy Bridge series processors. From what we have seen, this is worth considering if this falls within your budget.

Build & Design

Lenovo has taken the safe path with the IdeaPad Z580 as far as the looks are concerned. The colour scheme, the finish and the overall poise of the laptop has a lot of sophistication. Compare this to the colourful laptops or even the hardcore gaming ones, and you know that a lot of users will not be attracted by that, and equally, some demographic will crave for it. With the Z580, Lenovo ensures that anyone who checks this out at the store will not mark it down for looks.

The brushed metal finish on the Lenovo IdeaPad Z580’s lid is very much appreciated, because it doesn’t catch fingerprints, scratches and the usual scuffmarks that come with regular usage. Open it up, and the same finish carries on around the keyboard as well. There is something of a dual tone here though, with a lighter shade of grey running just above the keyboard. This is where the power key and the speakers sit. Five illuminated quick access keys above the speakers, but they hide away rather well when the laptop is not switched on.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 is one of the most powerful laptops to have arrived for testing, in the recent months. This is completely updated with the Ivy Bridge series processors. From what we have seen, this is worth considering if this falls within your budget.

Build & Design

Lenovo has taken the safe path with the IdeaPad Z580 as far as the looks are concerned. The colour scheme, the finish and the overall poise of the laptop has a lot of sophistication. Compare this to the colourful laptops or even the hardcore gaming ones, and you know that a lot of users will not be attracted by that, and equally, some demographic will crave for it. With the Z580, Lenovo ensures that anyone who checks this out at the store will not mark it down for looks.

The brushed metal finish on the Lenovo IdeaPad Z580’s lid is very much appreciated, because it doesn’t catch fingerprints, scratches and the usual scuffmarks that come with regular usage. Open it up, and the same finish carries on around the keyboard as well. There is something of a dual tone here though, with a lighter shade of grey running just above the keyboard. This is where the power key and the speakers sit. Five illuminated quick access keys above the speakers, but they hide away rather well when the laptop is not switched on.

Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) comes preloaded on the machine, but there is significantly lesser preloaded trials and software on the machine. Cleaning this up doesn’t take too long! However, where Lenovo have dropped the ball is with their utilities and applications. Yes, there are some very interesting utilities like the Power Manager that even has the feature for cleaning fan dust! But there are just too many of them, and most of them are also starting up with the OS. HP seemed to have sorted that out by streamlining the features within one app. We tried disabling them like we always do, but that ended up badly with Windows needing repairs before it could boot again. We seriously recommend a clean install of the OS to enjoy the full punch the machine can offer.


There is just one word for the Lenovo IdeaPad Z580’s score in this section – blazing fast. The spec sheet had pretty much ensured that we knew it was going to be a quick machine, and it is. The PC Mark Vantage score of 8464 is surpassed only by the Core i7-3610QM on the Toshiba Satellite L850. The CPU (CineBench) score of 5.38 is much ahead of the bunch of Core i5 laptops that we tested recently, and quite significantly so.toshiba Battery / Adapter

Overall, the performance is excellent. After our benchmark tests, we used this laptop as our primary machine, and the experience was very smooth. Boot-up times improved considerably after we cleaned up the start menu, and deleted some of the preloaded trial software. Ideally, if you are facing any sluggishness, we would suggest re-installing from a clean image of Windows. We did that, and the real world usage performance improved massively.GATEWAY AS09A61 Battery

For gaming, the Nvidia GeForce GT630M (2GB) graphics chip is providing some impressive results. The 3D Mark 06 score of 9335 is among the highest across all laptops, and the CineBench OpenGL score of 25.3 indicates very good gaming performance. Even when gaming, this one does equally well when compared to the AMD Radeon 7730M (2GB) that comes with the Inspiron 15R Special Edition, despite the GT630M scoring slightly lower in the Fps score tests. There is no visible performance difference between the two with almost all games we tried.GATEWAY NV52 Battery

The Lenovo IdeaPad Z580’s display has some good points, and some bad points. The brightness levels are quite good, and text has a definite amount of crispness. Colour depth is adequate, but black levels are not up to the mark. This is very helpful when reading text or watching a movie. However, the reflective nature of the display isn’t helpful, and if you have 2 people watching something on this, the one slightly on the side will not have the best possible experience.GATEWAY AS09A31

Bottom Line

The Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 doesn’t look any different from the rivals, and neither does it make great noise about what it can possibly offer. It delivers excellent performance, good gaming experience, and all this in a chassis that is put together well. The sophisticated and wide appealing looks mean no user demographic is turned off even before considering. The rival, the Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition with similar specs is available for around Rs 10000 less, but that one has an AMD Radeon HD 7730M graphics (Nvidia fans, do take note!) and no Blu-ray drive



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Acer's bread-and-butter notebook tries to attract buyers in the bargain-basement price bracket. We'll show you what happens when unabashed penny-pinching is applied to materials of construction, hardware, and port selection.high quality ASUS G73SW-TZ094V battery In March 2011, we tested the Acer Aspire 5253. This system featured the then brand new AMD Fusion platform, the AMD E-350 (2 x 1.6 GHz). AMD later released the E-450, a fairly minor update to the E-series, which didn't really have any impact on performance and features.high quality ASUS G73SW-TZ120Z battery

This time around, Acer installs a new E-series processor into a chassis that remains 95% unchanged from the last model. high quality ASUS G73SW-TZ121V battery Not a very exciting prospect, since the new CPU E-300 has a lower core frequency (2 x 1.30GHz) and uses the same GPU as the E-350/450 (Radeon HD 6310). Why a downgrade? Do we really need a "new" CPU that is slower than the models from over a year ago? We can at least hope that the lower core frequency will allow for longer battery life.high quality ASUS G73SW-TZ146V battery We had to look very hard to find any differences to its predecessor, the Aspire 5253. high quality ASUS G73SW-TZ200V battery The Acer logo, which was comprised of single letters in the middle of the lid, is now embedded as a label in a corner. The old model had status LEDs for the HDD and the WLAN next to the power button. These status lights were completely eliminated on the new laptop. Guess we have to listen to the hard drive to figure out if the system is busy or not.high quality ASUS G73SW-TZ202V battery

The chassis is now less rigid. It's easy to twist the base unit and the display lid. At least the lid is sufficiently solid. We like the feel of the textured matte surfaces which resist smudges and finger prints very well.high quality ASUS G73SW-TZ221V battery

The hinges hold the display well without allowing it to rock back and forth. They are a bit tight though, so both hands are needed to open the display. The maximum angle of 160º is more than adequate while using the notebook on the lap.high quality ASUS G73SW-XA1 battery The photos show the port selection to be pretty meager. There is an empty spot where the previous model had an HDMI port. ASUS G73SW-XT1 Charger The number of USB ports hasn't been increased though, with only three. Reason for the missing HDMI port might be pointed to the manufacturer who had to pay a license fee when integrating such a port. The position of the USB ports on the left and right side is not the best, as cables plugged into them and the VGA port can interfere when using a mouse. At the very least, having the cables stick out looks untidy.ASUS G73SX Charger Communication

Internet connections are available via Ethernet and WLAN. Both modules are the same ones found in the Aspire 5253. The Atheros AR5B97 WLAN card lost the Bluetooth 3.0 module. The Atheros AR8151 Ethernet Adapter supports Gigabit-Ethernet. Asus A42-G73 Charger


There are no recovery discs included in the box - a common trend we've seen for a few years now. The user has to create his/her own recovery disc set using the Acer Recovery Manager. The number of pre-installed software titles is fortunately not too overwhelming. Asus 07G016DH1875 Charger

Acer GameZone, Accessory Shop, Registration, Updater, and Office 2010 Starter are of course part of the package. The biggest pre-installed program is NTI Media Maker 9 which is used to convert video files and to burn optical discs. The inclusion of said software is actually not very generous on Acer's part, since Media Maker 9 can be downloaded for free.Asus 70-NY81B1000Z Charger


It is a rarity to have 2 years warranty which includes pickup and return service that allows the sending of the laptop to Acer for repairs free of charge. Until recently, Acer's low-cost models only came with 12 months of pickup and return service.Asus 90-NY81B1000Y Charger Keyboard

Key travel is ample but the keys lack distinct feedback. The keyboard flexes near the Enter-key. ASUS G73-52 Charger Because of the spongy tactile feedback, we didn't enjoy typing very much. The arrow keys are half-sized but at least they are separated from the Shift-key, which makes touch typing a lot easier. The traditional layout takes full advantage of the width the 15.6-inch laptop offers and is therefore suitable for large hands.ASUS B23 Charger


The touchpad is from Synaptics (V7.2). The surface is smooth and cursor control is both fluid and accurate. It features a marked vertical scroll bar; the horizontal scroll bar is unmarked but can be activated if desired.ASUS B23E Charger

The mouse buttons make a hollow sound but remain quiet. Actuating a click is easy although the travel is short on the sides and even more limited towards the middle. Overall feedback of the buttons is lacking. Even though the touchpad is responsive up to the edges, we felt it was a bit cumbersome to use. A perfect office touchpad would have buttons that offer more travel; in addition, it would not be recessed as deeply.Cheap ASUS UX31 battery Display

Acer has been using the featured panel (LP156WH2-TLEA) for over a year now.Cheap ASUS ZenBook UX31 battery This glossy display (with a native resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels) was also used in the older Aspire 5253 and features low contrast and just about average brightness. Our measurements (see below) are pretty standard fare for office-type notebooks. Higher end panels are usually not available in the price bracket below EUR 500 (~$610). This is different for tablets where even middle-class models starting at EUR 300 (~$370) feature better panels (IPS: better viewing angles, higher contrast).Cheap ASUS ZenBook UX31E battery

The low contrast ratio of 136:1 comes as no surprise. Cheap ASUS UX31 Ultrabook battery Although glare-type displays tend to make colors look better, the measurements reveal the truth about the quality. Those wanting to use this laptop as only a typing device would probably prefer a non-glare screen. The notebook is pretty much unsuitable for any professional application since it can't accurately reproduce any of the color spectra. Our comparison has the display up against AdobeRGB (t), sRGB (t), and the Medion Erazer X7817 (equipped with a good consumer TFT).Cheap ASUS UX31A Ultrabook battery Performance

Acer equips this 15.6-inch notebook with the dual-core APU AMD E-300 (2 x 1.3 GHz). Cheap UX31E Ultrabook battery This particular processor is in the same family as the E-450, which is used in some versions of the Aspire 5250. The APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) has a TDP of a miserly 18W and is particularly well-suited for small notebooks. The Integrated Graphics Unit, a Radeon HD 6310, has DirectX-11 support and a UVD3 Video Decoder. It is marginally slower than the HD 6320 in the APU E-450. high quality Eee PC 1225 battery

The APU has access to 2 x 2048 MB of DDR3 RAM. The hard disc drive is a Western Digital (WD3200BPVT-22JJ5T0) with 320GB storage space. The OS supplied is Microsoft Window 7 Home Premium (64 Bit).high quality Eee PC 1225B battery Processor

Looking at the scores of the E-300, we can only come to one conclusion: this processor ranks at the bottom of the pile.high quality Eee PC 1225C battery It almost seems ludicrous to pair up a CPU offering basically netbook-like performance with a 15.6-inch laptop when Intel's low-cost Pentiums offer so much more performance. There has to be demand, however, since there is even a 17-inch notebook with the APU E-450 (Packard Bell EasyNote LK11-BZ-080GE).

high quality Asus K53JG battery

In 3DMark2006, our test system scored 1943 points. charger for Asus K53JS This result means that the Radeon HD 6310 has 24% less performance than the HD 6320 in the E-450. Of course the 6310 can't compete with any (even low-end) dedicated GPUs like the GT 630M (+312%) or the Radeon HD 7610M (+221%). Intel's HD3000 was 30% to 150% faster; the current HD4000 tops these results.charger for Asus K53JT The three game tests that follow show extremely low FPS values even with older games. charger for Asus K53S Playing games should not be on the agenda, period. The main purpose of the Radeon graphics is to relieve the weak APU of HD-decoding duties. This decoding doesn't just happen in the conversion tools like Media Espresso or the (pre-installed) NTI Media Maker 9, but even when using the Media Player.charger for Asus K53S-SX085

Subjected to Cinebench R11.5, the E-300 was only able to reach 0.46 points.charger for K53S Other processors, like the Pentium P6100 (+185%), Core i3-350M (+224%), i3-2310M (+340%), or the AMD A4-3300 (+146%) are substantially faster. The only CPU that manages to be even slower is the netbook processor Atom N450 (-43%). charger for K53SA

CPU performance remains the same whether the laptop is on battery power or on external power. Other notebooks with the same performance are the Aspire One 722-C62kk (C-60) and the ThinkPad X121e NWS62GE (both have 11.6-inch screens).charger for K53SC Battery Life

The AMD Fusion system with the longest run time (WLAN-test) is the Samsung 305U1A-A01DE.charger for K53SD This 11.6-inch system lasted for almost 9 hours. The HP Pavilion dm1-3180eg kept running for about 7 hours, while the Lenovo ThinkPad X121e NWS5QGE lasted for about 5 hours (both are 11.6-inch systems). Our test system lags a bit behind with only 4 hours. The older Aspire 5253 managed almost 5 hours in the same test.charger for Asus K53SE

The 48Wh battery can't be the culprit because the Aspire 5253 came with a battery offering the same exact capacity. It takes 1 hour 35 minutes to recharge a completely depleted battery. When we were playing a DVD movie, the laptop ran out of charge after 3 hours 25 minutes.charger for Asus K53SJ Is the never-ending supply of new notebooks offering more features and better performance just too confusing? Acer tries a different approach and downgrades the already low-cost Aspire 5253. Who needs HDMI, after all?Asus K53SJ-SX216V battery

The Aspire 5250 is a notebook on a feature diet. The fact that the CPU (E-300) is even less powerful is something we could overlook, since the E-450 model (2 x 1.65) is also available. But trying to cut features (no HDMI) on what was a low-end model to begin with - that's almost audacious.cheap battery for Asus K53SN

The price difference is only a few euros. Those who don't care much if they pay EUR 369 or EUR 374 should opt for the E-450. The sister model featuring the E-350 also had a longer battery life on our test.cheap battery for Asus K53SV

We honestly can't recommend the Aspire 5250. The Asus Pro P53E-SO136D, X54C and the Lenovo B570 (no OS) are systems in the EUR 375 to EUR 400 price bracket featuring the Core i3-2350.cheap battery for L09C6Y02 For about EUR 300 you can get yourself a Pentium-equipped TravelMate 5742Z (with Linux OS). Even though that system features obsolete hardware, it offers faster performance and probably about the same battery life.cheap battery for Lenovo L08S6Y21

AMD's E2-1800 (2 x 1.70GHz) with Radeon HD 7340M is truly new. Stay tuned for reviews of the HP 655 (starting at EUR 330) and the Lenovo G585.Lenovo L09L6Y02 battery

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  • Lenovo L09M6Y02 Battery
  • lenovo l09m6y02 Battery is a high quality and brand new laptop battery with 1 year warranty and this laptop battery is 100% compatible with the Lenovo/IBM OEM one!

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Battery HP 2000-416DX

We reviewed the Samsung Series 5 530U3B-A01DE in mid-March 2012. The ultrabook has now been revised to feature an Intel Ivy Bridge dual-core processor. Battery HP 2000-410US Virtually everything else, including the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of 799 Euro ($999 USD), remains unchanged. In this review, we will examine exactly what has changed and who would benefit from the revision.Battery HP 2000-412NR Building on the previous success of the 530U3B-A01DE ultrabook, Samsung has updated the line to feature the third generation of mobile Intel Core processors.Battery HP 2000-413NR These processors, under the code name Ivy Bridge, feature the more powerful integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 as the onboard GPU. The newly updated Samsung Series 5 530U3C-A01DE reuses the case of the previous model without any modification. As a result, we refer the reader to the previous model’s review for our analysis of the case, connectivity, and input devices. Battery HP 2000-416DX

In contrast to the change of processor, most other physical features of the ultrabook remain the same. Battery HP 2000-417NR The WXGA (1366x768) matte 13.3-inch display, thickness of approximately 18 millimeters (0.71 inches), and low manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of 799 Euro ($999 USD) have been carried over from the predecessor. Battery HP 2000-418US

The ultrabook continues to use the 500 GB physical hard disk but the SSD Express Cache has been expanded from 16 GB to 24 GB. Starting in April, Samsung also offers the 530U3C-A01DE ultrabook in pink and brown as options instead of the standard silver (light titanium) model. The more colorful models carry an MSRP of 899 Euro ($1119 USD).Battery HP 2000-420CA


Samsung chose to upgrade communication options in the 530U3C-A01DE to current standards. Charger HP 2000-425NR The ultrabook now features the Intel Centrino Advanced N 6235 Wi-Fi module which supports the 802.11a/b/g/n of the predecessor but replaces Bluetooth 3.0+HS with Bluetooth 4.0. The Bluetooth 4.0 standard allows peripherals to communicate with the ultrabook at a higher communication speed while having an overall power saving effect.Charger HP 2000-427CL

However, at this time, the number of peripherals that support Bluetooth 4.0 is still limited.Charger HP 2000-428DX As with the previous model, wired internet is provided by the Realtek Gigabit Ethernet controller and a Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) module is still unavailable. Users seeking Internet on-the-go will need to turn to external options.Charger HP 2000-430CA


The 530U3C-A01DE features a limited selection of included accessories. Charger HP 2000-450CA The retail package includes the ultrabook, a 40-Watt power supply, a few documents, and a recovery DVD. As the ultrabook lacks an optical drive, a USB flash drive would have been the preferred recovery medium. Additionally, Samsung chose to exclude the VGA adapter in this revision and external VGA support will require the user to buy this adapter separately at a price of approximately 40 Euro ($50 USD).Battery HP 2000-453CA

We found that the 530U3C-A01DE comes pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit). Additionally, the ultrabook seems to feature bloatware such as the usual freeware, Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition, and a trial anti-virus program that we promptly removed due to numerous pop-ups. Most of these can be removed without a second thought.ChargerHP 8560w


Samsung designed the 530U3C-A01DE to make maintenance surprisingly simple.high quality Battery HP 8560w Mobile Workstations The maintenance cover is secured by one screw and removing it allows the user to access the 2.5-inch hard disk, RAM slot, and case fan. Cleaning the fan can be completed in a matter of minutes and does not require any special expertise or tools, save only a bit of caution. The battery is located beneath the wrist rest and can only be accessed if the entire base plate is removed. To put potential buyers at ease, Samsung guarantees 1500 charging cycles and a retained 70% capacity after three years.high quality Battery HP 8760w


As is the case with other notebook families, the 530U3C-A01DE includes a 24-month warranty from Samsung.high quality Battery HP 8760w Mobile Workstations If necessary, this warranty can be extended to a total of 36 or 48 months but the extension must be purchased within 90 days of original device purchase.The prices for these extensions are not listed on the Samsung website.charger for HP 8460p The 530U3C-A01DE uses the same 13.3-inch Seiko Epson SEC0200 display that was used in the 530U3B-A01DE. charger for HP 8460w The screen’s matte surface, 1366x768 resolution, and 16:9 aspect ratio have been maintained in this revision. It should be mentioned that most ultrabooks use a glare-type screen with two notable exceptions – the Toshiba Satellite Z830 and the Asus Zenbook UX32VD.charger for HP 8560w

By comparison, Asus’s ultrabooks tend to feature significantly higher Full HD 1920x1080 resolutions in both their 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch displays. charger for HP 8560p We sampled one such screen in our review of the Asus Zenbook UX32VD. We were able to use the 530U3C-A01DE to output these resolutions to external monitors and projectors via the built-in HDMI and VGA ports without problem.charger for HP 6440b

Using the Gossen Mavo Monitor, we measured slightly different rates than we did in the predecessor. Battery HP 6360b In our test, we recorded a good average brightness of 307 cd/m2. We also measured a significantly more homogeneous illumination of 92 percent. The previous model struggled with brightness in the screen's right third. In contrast, the 2.47 cd/m2 black value and resulting contrast ratio of only 130:1 are not as satisfying. Subjectively, the screen produced colors that are not as brilliant as in the predecessor.charger for HP 6460b Performance

The most notable difference between our test 530U3C-A01DE and the previous model is the 1.7 GHz Ivy Bridge ultra-low voltage Intel Core i5-3317U dual-core processor. Battery HP 6560b Turbo Boost 2.0 technology allows the processor to dynamically overclock itself to a maximum single-core operating speed of 2.6 GHz. In contrast to the previous generation, the Ivy Bridge processor is fabricated on the 22 nm fabrication process and uses 3D transistors. Battery for HP HSTNN-LB2I

These 3D transistors allow for more computational performance and efficiency depending on application.Battery for HP 3ICR19/66-2 As a result of the new processor, the 530U3C-A01DE has changed from its predecessor to use DDR3-1600 RAM instead of the DDR3-1333 used previously. Our test device had a total of 6 GB memory consisting of 4 GB of integrated memory and 2 GB in a single memory slot. The CPU and memory are supported by a 500 GB 2.5-inch physical hard disk with a complementary 24 GB ExpressCache iSSD.Battery for R610

Samsung chose not to install a dedicated graphics unit into the 530U3C-A01DE ultrabook and instead chose to make use of the processor-integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000. Battery for Samsung R65 According to Intel, this GPU has a 60% higher performance than its preceding GMA HD Graphics 3000. At the launch of Ivy Bridge, we thoroughly tested both Ivy Bridge dual-core procesors and the Intel HD Graphics 4000. More information on these components can be found in the corresponding reviews.high quality Samsung R70 battery Processor

We began our processor test with the Maxon Cinebench suite.high quality Samsung R710 battery In the Cinebench R10 (64-bit) multiple CPU benchmark, the installed Intel Core i5-3317U scored 7991 points, putting it behind comparable configurations. Its performance was 14 percent behind the Dell Vostro 3360 and 16 percent behind the Asus Zenbook UX32VD. high quality Samsung X360 battery

The previous generation Samsung Series 5 530U3B-A01DE remained 23 percent behind our test unit with 6138 points. high quality Samsung X460 X60 battery The newer Cinebench R11.5 confirmed our previous results, showing the Dell Vostro to be 28 percent faster than our test device. In this test, the previous model was 16 percent slower than our sample.high quality Samsung X65 battery

These poor results prompted us to take a closer look at the CPU’s Turbo Boost behavior during the Cinebench R11.5 tests. high quality Samsung AA-PB2NC3B battery We observed that the processor clock dropped to the 1.7 GHz base clock, proving that Turbo Boost was not enabled. This might have been a consequence of the temperature issues mentioned in the Emissions section. We confirmed the absence of Turbo Boost under load using Cinebench R10. This absence puts the 530U3C-A01DE at a considerably disadvantage when compared to other ultrabooks.high quality Samsung AA-PB2NC3W battery Power Consumption

For all portable devices, power consumption is the most important influence on battery life when off AC power. Samsung AA-PB2NC6 battery While idle, we observed a power consumption between 7.2 and 11.8 Watts. This makes the 530U3C-A01DE a bit more energy-efficient than its Sandy Bridge predecessor. Under load, consumption increased and peaked at 39 Watts making the 530U3C-A01DE more power hungry under load than the previous model. The average consumption is nonetheless on par and comparable with similar devices from other manufacturers.Samsung AA-PB2NC6B Charger

As with the previous model, the 530U3C-A01DE features a built-in four-cell lithium polymer battery with a designed capacity of 45 Wh. Samsung guarantees this battery will last up to 1500 charging cycles. The notebook comes with a 40 Watt power supply. In light of the device’s compact size, we would have appreciated a single-cable power supply as is included in the premium Series 9 family of notebooks.Samsung AA-PB2NC6W Charger

Battery Runtime

To test battery runtimes, we used the BatteryEater test suite and constructed three scenarios. Samsung AA-PB2NX6B ChargerIn the first scenario, we attempted to determine minimum battery life by enabling all mobile technologies, using the high-performance profile, and using maximum screen brightness. We disabled the integrated ambient light sensor to disable adaptive brightness for these measurements. We then used the Classic Test to load the system’s components. In this scenario, we measured a runtime of 2 hours and 12 minutes.Samsung AA-PB2NX6W Charger

In the second scenario, we used the Reader Test to simulate basic office and productivity tasks. The display was set to minimum brightness, energy-saving options were enabled, and mobile technologies were disabled in this test. We observed a runtime of approximately 9 hours in office use, an increase of over an hour compared to the preceding model.Samsung AA-PB4NC6B Charger

In the third scenario, we used the “Surfing via Wi-Fi” configuration. We adjusted the brightness to approximately 150 cd/m2 and enabled the Wi-Fi adapter. In this scenario, we measured a runtime of five hours. We found this runtime to be acceptable but also noted that the previous model was able to run for 6 hours and 26 minutes under the same conditions.Samsung AA-PB4NC6W Charger

Overall, we found the runtimes to be good and consistent with the expectations of a slim ultrabook lacking a large, high-capacity battery. Nonetheless, the shorter runtimes when compared to the previous model, especially in practical Wi-Fi use, are displeasing.Samsung NP-R40 Charger The 530U3C-A01DE uses the same 13.3-inch Seiko Epson SEC0200 display that was used in the 530U3B-A01DE. The screen’s matte surface, 1366x768 resolution, and 16:9 aspect ratio have been maintained in this revision. It should be mentioned that most ultrabooks use a glare-type screen with two notable exceptions – the Toshiba Satellite Z830 and the Asus Zenbook UX32VD. Samsung AA-PB6NC6B Charger

By comparison, Asus’s ultrabooks tend to feature significantly higher Full HD 1920x1080 resolutions in both their 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch displays. We sampled one such screen in our review of the Asus Zenbook UX32VD.Samsung NP-R65 Charger We were able to use the 530U3C-A01DE to output these resolutions to external monitors and projectors via the built-in HDMI and VGA ports without problem.

Using the Gossen Mavo Monitor, we measured slightly different rates than we did in the predecessor.Samsung NP-P50 Charger In our test, we recorded a good average brightness of 307 cd/m2. We also measured a significantly more homogeneous illumination of 92 percent. The previous model struggled with brightness in the screen's right third. In contrast, the 2.47 cd/m2 black value and resulting contrast ratio of only 130:1 are not as satisfying. Subjectively, the screen produced colors that are not as brilliant as in the predecessoSamsung NP-P60 Charger

The Samsung Series 5 530U3C-A01DE ultrabook follows in the footsteps of the previous model which implemented many good features. laptop battery Samsung NP-R70 The plain case and matte screen were inherited without modification. While the latter was convincing in terms of brightness and illumination, contrast remained weak. The Intel’s Core i5-3317U dual-core processor showed impressive performance in our tests when compared with the previous model’s Sandy Bridge equivalent but the obvious lack of Turbo Boost during load reduced this unit’s potential power.laptop battery Samsung NP-X60

Other manufacturers often rely on considerably more expensive SSD drives in the mSATA form factor as the storage device for their ultrabooks. laptop battery Samsung P210 To avoid this price increase, Samsung combined a 24 GB ExpressCache iSSD and 500 GB physical hard disk to serve as the storage device, resulting in an MSRP of 799 Euro ($999 USD). laptop battery Samsung P460

While beneficial to the price, this hybrid solution cannot compete with pure SSD devices in terms of performance. Samsung P50 battery Samsung also managed to reduce costs somewhat by reducing the complement of included accessories. The proprietary VGA adapter that was formerly included is now sold separately at a cost of approximately 40 Euro ($50 USD). Last but not least, we found the design allows for easy maintenance and we praise Samsung for this. The internal fan can be cleaned quickly and easily and even the hard drive can be replaced with a fast SSD without expertise.Samsung P560 battery

The final question remains. Is it worth switching? For owners of the previous generation 530U3B-A01DE, the answer is a resounding no. However, for those currently looking for an affordable, slim consumer device with a matte screen, this device from Samsung is certainly a reasonable option.Samsung P60 battery

  • Samsung P60 Q210 Battery

  • Samsung P60 Q210 Battery
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HP 632425-001 Adapter

The HP ProBook 6460b LG645EA integrates itself seamlessly into the 2011 range, whose representatives we were allowed to review over the past weeks. HP QK641AA Adapter This notebook is equipped with a Core i5 CPU and a 14 inch screen that can display a clearly arranged resolution of 1600x900 pixels. HP HSTNN-LB2P Adapter If we were to line up all laptops of the ProBook range next to each other, the devices would hardly differ in looks. Merely the dimension would vary due to the respective screen size. HP HSTNN-IB2Q Adapter All notebooks that we were allowed to review over the past few weeks, such as the ProBook 6560b or the Elitebook 8460p, show a new case design that HP had presented for all 2011 business notebook models at a press conference at the end of March. HP HSTNN-I93C Adapter This high-end design, with matt brushed aluminum, is also used for the present 6460b from the manufacturer, HP.

A Core i5-2530M of the second processor generation does its job in the HP ProBook 6460b LG645EA. HP HSTNN-F10C Adapter The dual core CPU has a base clock of 2.5 GHz and a 3 MB L3 cache. The CPU is also responsible for the graphics (HD Graphics 3000) because a dedicated graphics card isn't installed into this model. Moreover, the HP ProBook is equipped with a 500 GB sized hard disk, a 4 GB RAM and a 14 inch HD+ screen. HP 632425-001 Adapter

The HP ProBook 6460b LG645EA is price tagged at about 880 euros in this configuration. HP 632114-141 Adapter The ProBook 6460b LG645EA's case is, alike the ProBook range's family members, very successful in terms of looks. HP also relies on the 2011 design with matt, brushed aluminum in a titanium colored outfit for the ProBook 6460b LG645EA. Laptop Battery 628369-421

The case's workmanship and stability gives no reason for complaint. This model's chassis has also been reinforced with magnesium. In this case, the used materials don't have an adverse effect on the ProBook 6460b LG645EA's weight. Laptop Battery 630919-421 This notebook even belongs to one of the lighter ones in the 14 inch laptop weight category with 2090 grams (apart from the Slim Line notebooks, that is). Laptop Battery HSTNN-F08C

The HP laptop proves to be quite handy and thus can be stored well in your hand luggage with its dimensions of 338x34x231 mm. The robust aluminum case is very resistant against vibrations and other environmental influences. Laptop Battery HSTNN-OB2G Merely the case's platinum surface doesn't like to be touched and is therefore quickly covered with unwelcome fingerprints.

Alike the previous models, the case's lid can be opened with only one hand. The HP ProBook's new hinges still make opening difficult in the beginning. Laptop Battery HSTNN-F11C However, the notebook doesn't topple over backwards when opened to the maximum. Two firmly catching transportation hooks on the left and right keep the laptop's case lid fastened to the base unit in a closed state. Laptop Battery HSTNN-OB2H Due to the compact size, HP had to distribute the ports over three sides of the ProBook 6460b LG645EA. There are only a few LEDs, but no interfaces are to be seen on the front. Laptop Battery HSTNN-I90C Located on the left: Two USB 2.0 ports, an IEEE1394 socket (FireWire), a DVD burner and an ExpressCard 54mm slot. The card reader for flash memory cards is additionally installed beneath both USB ports. Laptop Battery HSTNN-W81C

On the device's right: an audio in and out, an eSATA/USB combo port, a USB 2.0 port and a display port socket. The interfaces for modem, VGA monitor and cable networking are found when looking at the HP ProBook's rear. HSTNN-W81C Adapter

The space between the single ports is generous so that all connections can be occupied at the same time. Even two larger USB sticks hardly get into each other's way. Since the interfaces are distributed over three sides you have many cables or "docked" peripherals around the notebook during extensive use. HSTNN-I91C Adapter

For this case, there is a connection for an optionally available docking station on the device's bottom. Depending on the model, it costs about 220 euros and bids 4 additional USB ports, a Display port, a DVI and VGA out. QK639AA Adapter Communication

You have several options for connecting to the company network or the Internet right away with the HP ProBook. HSTNN-LB2F Adapter First, the cabled option via the 10/100/1000 compatible LAN socket on the rear. Another possibility is via the integrated wireless LAN standard IEEE 802.11 b/g/n. Moreover, our ProBook alternative has Bluetooth, a 56k modem and a 3G compatible WWAN module. QK640AA Adapter


The ProBook is equipped with many security functions. Among them, a fingerprint reader and the security lock slot (Kensington lock), a TPM Embedded Security Chip 1.2, Enhanced Pre-Boot Security and a disk encryption. CC06 Adapter The security tool, HP Spare Key, isn't pre-installed on the laptop, but can be installed subsequently if the user requires it.

HP optionally offers Computrace Pro and a smart card reader. The latter is built into the ExpressCard slot. CC09 Adapter


HP restricts itself to the most necessary in terms of included supplies - as in almost all of its notebooks. CC06XL Adapter Print is only found in the way of a few leaflets and notes. Besides the various CD media, the 65 watt power adapter for the notebook is included. Windows 7 Professional 64 bit version is used as the operating system. It can be found in the form of image files on a recovery partition. HSTNN-CB2F Adapter

There is also more software installed in the state of delivery. For example, a reduced functionality version of Microsoft Office 2010. Norton Internet Security 2011 is also installed. However, you need a license after 60 days of use. HP has installed Roxio Secure Burn as burner software. HSTNN-LB2G Adapter


The warranty period is 12 months. It can be extended with an optionally available and fee-based onsite service and a warranty extension. An extension of up to 5 years including onsite service is possible with the HP Care Pack. QK642AA Adapter


The QWERTZ keyboard is spill proof, like in its bigger brother, the ProBook 6560b. Should it come in touch with water, it can be drained off again. HSTNN-DB2H Adapter The single keys stand alone and are easy to use. Typing during the test phase was very pleasant and there weren't any unpleasant typing noises. The J and F keys have a small bump to locate them better and can be found without looking. This HP ProBook doesn't have a separate number pad. HSTNN-LB2H Adapter

The four arrow keys are very small in the ProBook 6460b and are on the same height as the other keys. HP only uses the most necessary keys in the layout. WLAN can be turned on and off, the web browser can be opened or sound can be muted via three shortcut keys. Charger for HSTNN-LB2I


There is a fairly big touchpad in front of the keyboard. It supports multi-touch inputs and gesture control. It also has an area that can be used for 2-way scrolling. The touchpad's surface gliding capabilities are very good. There are two keys in front of the touchpad which take care of the mouse key functions Charger for QK643AA .

There is a small dot, almost invisible, in the touchpad over which the touchpad can be disabled and enabled. The touchpad is turned off when it's tapped twice by a finger and a LED indicates that it's disabled. A sensible option for prolific typists who don't always want to follow the cursor on the screen. Charger for HSTNN-E04C The HD+ anti-glare in the ProBook also has to struggle with lighting conditions outdoors. The color's brilliance quickly deteriorates in direct sunlight. The colors bleach and the displayed content becomes almost illegible.Cheap 4340s Adapter It's slightly better in the shade. At least, you can see quite a bit in the (beer) garden. However, the more sun, the less you'll recognize. The screen would have to be greatly improved in both brightness and contrast for a full outdoor suitability.Cheap 4341s Adapter

The HP ProBook 6460b LG645EA's viewing angles are quite modest. While the colors are still very vivid in an ideal viewing angle, the slightest deviation let them loose on brilliance. While the lateral viewing angles still appear to be acceptable at a 45 degree angle, additional tilting either way is a deal breaker for the HD+ display.Cheap 4440s Adapter

The picture was still well visible from both directions in our mandatory viewing angle test of 45 degrees. An inverted, respectively faded picture was displayed when an additional tilt of +45, respectively +45 degrees was added in every setting.Cheap 4441s Adapter Performance

An Intel Core i5-2520M does its job inside the HP ProBook 6480b LG645EA. Asus A32-N61 Battery This second generation Core i5 has Hyper Threading support, whereby the number of computing cores is doubled from 2 to 4 cores. Single CPU cores can occasionally be automatically overclocked up to 3.2 GHz by the Turbo Boost technology. The processor has a 3 MB sized level 3 cache and is manufactured in a 32 nm technology.HP 633807-001 Battery In addition to the processing unit, Intel has also installed a DirectX 10 capable Intel HD Graphics 3000 Graphics and the memory controller in the Sandy Bridge dual core processor.Asus W3J Battery

The maximum clock rate of 3.2 GHz was only used up to a die temperature of about 80 degrees Celsius in the stress test. After that the Turbo mode was no longer exhausted and the CPU "only" ran with the base clock of 2.5 GHz.FUJITSU 3400 Battery The CPU's clock stayed constant with at least 2.5 GHz in our simulated stress test of several hours, where two computing intensive programs ran simultaneously (CPU and GPU 100% load). Thus, we didn't observe an impending throttling.ASUS N50VN Battery The ProBook 6460b LG645EA is another office notebook from HP that convinces in almost every way.DELL M14x Battery The aluminum case, which has been additionally reinforced with magnesium isn't only robust but is also a good looker. Alike the other 2011 models from this HP range, this notebook is very stable and can endure a lot. The HP ProBook 6460b LG645EA is even to survive attacks with liquids well. Dell 312-0864 Battery

The keyboard is spill proof and, according to HP, even copes with a small rain shower. The brushed surface doesn't excuse any fingerprints, though. Every touch is visible even for hours afterwards.Asus NX90JQ Battery

The HP ProBook 6460b LG645EA has a 14 inch HD+ screen with a resolution of 1600x900 pixels.ASUS U43 Battery The display needs a bit of getting used to in the beginning because script and icons are very small in this high resolution on the fairly small screen. In return, you receive the convenient advantage of having a relatively large desktop and being able to work adequately with even several windows at the same time.Asus X53U Battery The screen display bids an acceptable picture in an ideal viewing angle, but it deteriorates quickly when the viewing angle is not ideal anymore. Colors and contrast also lose their quality quickly outdoors and in direct sunlight. asus g73jh batter

There's nothing to complain about in terms of installed hardware. The built-in dual core CPU from Intel (i5 2520M), together with the incorporated HD Graphics 3000, the 4 GB of RAM and a fast 7200 rpm hard disk bids a solid application performance for virtually all office situations. acer btp-afd1


The HP ProBook also has a lot to offer in regard to connectivity: Besides Gigabit LAN, WLAN (802.11 b/g/n), and Bluetooth 2.1, a 56k modem and a HSPA+ module (WWAN) are also installed.hp hstnn-w52c battery

The battery life isn't so impressive for a 6 cell lithium ion battery. The battery runtime sinks to 3 hours and 35 minutes in practical use with enabled WLAN. hp q44c battery

Overall, the HP ProBook presents itself as an elegant workhorse that not only leaves a good impression at the office and during field work, but also manages its tasks more than satisfactorily.Asus G74SX Battery

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